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"I have worked with hundreds of event producers and meeting planners, and there are no two people in the events industry I'd rather work with than Dick Wilson and Karen Peterson. Every event I have been involved with them has been a smash hit!"
~Giovanni Livera, President and CEO TimeCompass, Inc.

"Seamless event planning, incentive travel, and much more are Karen's specialty. With Karen, you get even more though. Need someone to jump in and help with sound, she's there - help with recognition gifts, she's there - whatever the need, whatever the size of your event, Karen makes it happen. She has the unique ability to be the specialist in her role or expand beyond to ensure that your event is flawless. Positive, get it done, team player, creative... that's Karen!"
~Kathy J. King
President, KJKing and Associates, Inc.

"Dick Wilson is a great guy, a very funny man, and a creative genius"
~Dave Barry, humorist & author

"I worked with Karen for over 10 years and she sets a new standard for professionalism and commitment."
~Bob Donegan, President,
Perky-Pet Products Co.

"Karen is the quintessential events planner, with an incredibly high level of knowledge and skill and who ensures every minute detail is taken care of. She is a great professional who understands the needs of everyone attending, from the newest sales person to the celebrity guest speaker. And Dick Wilson is THE most creative person on the planet! His ability to translate your key messages into an entertaining and meaningful conference, to deliver an impactful event of any kind, is the best in the industry."
-Paula Antonini, Antonini & Associates

"Dick Wilson is amazing, creative, concerned, understanding, fun, intellectual, and an expert at what he does. He performed in a manner we truly thought not possible..."
~Rob Barnes, President,
Sensaria Natural Bodycare

"Dick knows how to create a transformational experience for an audience. He is a master with how he creates, writes and directs engaging meetings that are mission and audience focused. And when it comes to dealing with hotels, people and logistics, well, Karen Peterson is the tops. She is super detailed and will take risk out of your event. Dick and Karen will lift your meeting experience to higher levels. They are true professionals and will make your meeting experience a pure joy."
~Giovanni Livera President and CEO TimeCompass, Inc.

"I have worked with Dick as an employee, contractor and business associate for over 20 years. Dick delivers events filled with high energy, strongly aligned to your business strategy and culture and memorable for everyone who attends. As a professional partner, he goes beyond the requirements to support every aspect of your company's communication and events goals. Truly the best!"
~Kathy J. King
President, KJKing and Associates, Inc.

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